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Join crowdfunding campaign to help smartlike develop free and open-source platform for commission-free money transfers and manipulation-free recommendation system:
Donate to one of the charity or non-profit organizations from the list below. Transfer is wired via PayPal with no cuts or intervention from smartlike. After receiving automatic payment confirmation smartlike network adds the same amount on your account for you to start commission-free donating on smartlike network. An additional amount equal to your donation is borrowed to to help develop the platform. An automatic contract is registered on the network to return the money to your smartlike account in one year. As crowdfunding donations go directly to charities, no money can be lost even in case the project should fail to deliver.

Although smartlike employs an internal crypto-currency for micro-transfer implementation, an ordinary ICO to investors and developers is not possible as it would compromise the balance built into the system making it impossible to achieve true lossless transactions.