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Passive mode[edit]

  1. Browse content charts on and press thumb-ups for your favorites - let recommendation engine learn your tastes.
  2. Control your personalized feeds:
    • Adjust information volume - more or better.
    • Create feeds of your interest to easily switch between categorized charts, e.g. "hip-hop music videos", "sci-fy movies" or "business news".
    • Subscribe to your favorite authors and friends. You will get their content and recommendations in your feed no matter where they publish it.
    • Mute authors and publishers you don't like to see.

Active mode[edit]

1. Install the browser extension.

Browser extension toolbar menu

2. Add funds to your account by transferring an amount via payment connection published on smartlike by one of your favorite publishers or authors. Choose one you trust most, who is most dependent on good reputation: a non-profit organization, charity fund, your favorite website or blogger.

3. Now you can do one click microtransfers, likes, donations, lift paywalls, privately login to all smartlike-aware sites without having to disclose your privacy and remembering passwords. You can also automate the process and let a monthly amount of a few dollars be automatically distributed among the sites you spend most time on.

See also[edit]

Authors and Publishers[edit]

  1. Register your name to help your audience recognize you.
  2. Make your content visible on smartlike.
  3. If you agree to take part in smartlike monetary system, publish your preferred payment methods.
  4. Consider using the following options: