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Smartlike is a recommendation service based on micro-donations. It is free, anonymous and decentralized. Smartlike buttons don't spy on you, both algorithms and data are open so that anyone could verify that no commercial, political or another kind of manipulation is taking place. Main features:

  • Resistant to manipulation through commercial or political ads, other people's fake likes and news.
  • Respects privacy. Others won't know what you like if you don't want to. There is no registration.
  • Support for your favorite authors. If you want, you can turn your likes into micro-donations. Content creators receive your feedback and will not disturb you with ads or click-bait.
  • Free. Nobody keeps your data, has control of, or make cuts on transactions.

Passive Mode[edit]

One can browse content charts, press thumb-ups for one's favorites to let recommendation engine adjust to your tastes enabling you control the information volume - more or better. There is no registration. When you visit first time, an anonymous account is created and stored in the browser local storage.

Other options include:

  • Subscriptions to favorite authors and friends. You will get their content and recommendations in your feed no matter where they publish it.
  • Feeds of one's interest to easily switch between categorized charts, e.g. "hip-hop music videos", "sci-fi movies" or "business news".
  • Editing publisher feeds, one can mute authors for particular sites.
  • Browse content and publishers by category and genre - Internet's yellow pages.

Active Mode[edit]

If you want to make your likes matter, you can turn them into micro-donations (even as small as 1 cent):

  • your favorite authors will get your money without any cuts;
  • they will get visibility in smartlike charts and catalogs (passive likes will not get into charts as they cost nothing and are often faked);
  • you will shape and use recommendation service that will help you choose a movie or a book, find great content;
  • you won't have to view their ads and click-bait and that would be absolutely fair - you pay them for their great work directly rather than via a long chain of commercial intermediaries.

Install browser extension to keep your smartlike account and enable secure one-click likes and donations, add funds to your account and use them cent-wise to support your favorites or make purchases. See Getting Started for more details.

Other Benefits[edit]

  • Anonymous Login
    Once the browser extension is installed you can securely login to websites with one click without disclosing your email, name or other private data. Many web sites require login to personalize and keep state of their services. They don't need to know who you are, they just need to know that it is you. Smartlike enables secure and immediate authorization without identification for web sites that agree to respect user privacy without forcing them disclose their emails and invent passwords.
  • Subscriptions
    Smartlike provides content subscription service which is also decentralized, private, free from fees and censorship. It can be used to lift paywalls or support favorite creators on regular basis. Subscriptions are directly managed by users and can be cancelled without intermediaries any time.
  • E-commerce
    Smartlike can be used for any commission-free payments in other scenarios beyond donations.

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