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Likes for recommendation services[edit]

The idea to route people emotions via likes is great. improves it addressing its current weaknesses.

  • Reliability
    Being worth nothing internet likes are often faked. There are numerous providers that help one get or buy fake likes. The minimum price of a like in is 1 cent. That makes them matter and more difficult to fake.
  • Transparency
    There are many proprietary like-based profiling systems around. Some do not much better than filling your sight with spam and advertizing whereas there is demand for an open, transparent database and recommendation services to save time when choosing a movie to watch or and article to read.
  • Efficiency
    Many vloggers ask for direct donates in addition to likes. Likes help them get a share of advertizing money which is obviously too small in many cases. Look at the money flow: content consumer -> a product manufacturer -> advertizer -> publisher -> author. shortcuts the intermediaries.
  • Privacy
    Likes of other people are often worth spam. Your likes disclose your privacy. With you can save your time and profit from recommendations without disclosing your privacy.


Online donations are often emotion-driven. Amount of time and work needed to perform transaction matters a lot. We solve the most acute problems:

  • having to type in long numbers from credit card or logging into money transfer systems,
  • impracticality of transfers with a few cents,
  • transfer commissions.

Install thank-u browser extension and go ahead making one-click micro-donations whenever feeling like supporting somebody or just saying "thank you". You can also automate the process and let a monthly amount of a few dollars be automatically distributed among the sites you spend most time on. The grass will always be green whereever you walk.

The money you transfer are garanteed to get to your donatees. Here is how it works. You first add funds to your app wallet by directly transferring, say 10 dollars, to your favorite one you trust, using their banking data published on thank-u network. They will add these funds to your account. You can now split it into microdonations as you come across content you like. No commission, no losses.


Enabling users to transfer you money for your services or content with thank-u is just about adding a few lines of code to your web page.

  • Anonymous Login
    If you wish to identify your user to lift off paywalls or personalize content, without forcing them to disclose their identity and remembering new passwords, place a couple of lines of code on your page, like here. Application toolbar icon will change color indicating that the site unobtrusively invites to login. Users will be able to securely login via browser extension without registration. You will identify them by their thank-u account and see if they previously bought services from you without knowing who they are.
  • Subscriptions
    Smartlike provides content subscription service which is also decentralized, private, free from fees and censorship. It can be used to lift paywalls or support favorite creators on regular basis. Subscriptions are directly managed by users and can be cancelled without intermediaries any time.
  • Online Purchases
    Smartlike can be used for any commission-free payments in other scenarios beyond donations.

Solution for Ad-blocking Problem[edit]

Ad-sponsored content

How do we normally pay for content now?

  • We buy something for $$$$ at a shop
  • $$ get forwarded to ad networks and $ is passed on along the chain to content creators


  • Ads can be annoying and distract attention
  • The money you pay doesn't go to your favorites
  • Ad networks spy on you to target better
  • Clickbait


  • smartlike app helps you support your favorite sites directly. You decide what content you like, you control your money.